2023-11-18 | 8:47 p.m.


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a trumpet blast from the mountaintop... as the man in robes descended upon my mother's house. speaking in a tongue, i thought it was my father's.. it was not. he handed me a box, made of stone. inside a bug, made of wood. and, as per his instructions, i put it in my mouth. however, once there, i found it crawled its way deep inside my eyeball. i reached in with my hand to retrieve it, but once there i found i required a branch, or a stick, or a hand of wood to retrieve such a wooden bug. my hand, made of flesh, was useless for such a task. and so, i retreated to the mountains, the land of my father, with the bug stuck so deep inside my eye i could not see and my hand stuck so deep inside my throat i could not speak. there, blind and hungry, i pondered the wrongs done to me by the man in robes. he had tricked me... but this would not be the end of my story. don't blame the sea if you can't find the seashore...